I don't think I can see you tonight

by Bhob Rainey and Ralf Wehowsky

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5 years and a mint's worth of postage bring us this dense, musique concrete epic. Each of the three extended pieces presented here have undergone serious transformations, mutilations, and rebirths, as discs were burnt, sealed and sent from Cambridge to Mainz and back again. Yet, despite all the fine-toothed combing commited by the obsessive perfectionists at the helm of this project, the music is wild, ruptured, assymetrical and WAY INTENSE. Tendrils of possible outcomes camoflage trap doors and the saturated memories of an unclean conscience. This is that kind of sublime that's a bit on the scary side despite the occasional reassurance of a slowly flowing rhythm or an almost major chord. This is the haunted closet you can't keep shut.


released November 1, 2007




Bhob Rainey Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Nmperign, The BSC, and now, Prants. Electronic, algorithmic, improvisational, saxophonistic. The sublime, the uncanny, good times, bad times.

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